7 Novel Ways to Get Your Jewelry Sparkling Again

Wearing the right piece of jewelry can say a lot about you. Your fashion sense, aesthetic taste and wealth are displayed through jewelry. For this reason, it’s important to keep it sparkling.

Like any object, when jewelry is used daily it attracts a lot of dust and grime. To overcome this problem, we have listed seven novel ways to clean and maintain your jewelry.

1. Baking Soda – Baking soda works wonders when used on silver jewelry. To clean your jewelry, make a thick paste with 2 tbsps of cold-water and baking soda (one-fourth of the cup). Rub to clean with a wet cloth, then rinse properly and wipe dry. For gold jewelry, cover with a coating of baking soda, pour some vinegar on it and then rinse to clean. Jewelry with pearls or gem stones can be damaged and loosened if too much baking soda is applied so be careful.

2. Denture Tablets – Get the sparkle back in your diamond ring with a denture tablet. Mix the tablet in a half-glass of water. After it has dissolved, drop your diamond jewelry in it. Once you remove it, it’ll have its old sparkle.

3. Window cleaner – Window cleaner can be another effective way of cleaning jewelry, even ones that have gemstones like rubies or diamonds. Spray cleaner on the piece and then use an old toothbrush to brush off the dirt. Opaque stones or organic gems like opal, turquoise, coral or pearl though can be damaged by detergents and ammonia present in the cleaner.

4. Antacid –Take a glass of warm water and drop two antacid tablets. Once dissolved, drop your jewelry in. Take out the jewelry after two minutes and rinse. They’ll be shining like new.

5. Beer – Nothing cleans your gold better than beer. Splash a small amount of beer on a cloth and rub it across the surface to remove the accumulated dirt or tarnish. Amber or light colored beers work best.

6. Vodka – Did you know vodka can give your stones a good scrub and make them shine like new again? Owing to its components, vodka can clean glass and any other thing crystalline in nature.

7. Boil them – Solid gold and silver can be boiled. However, delicate gemstones or anything glued cannot be put in boiling water. The jewelry is to be first placed in a container and then boiling water is to be poured on it, until the bowl is fully covered. After the water cools, brush the jewelry to remove accumulated dirt. Don’t forget to dry.
Grime and dust needs to be cleaned regularly off jewelry to maintain it. Try some of these cleaning methods and get your jewelry sparkling again!

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