Buy the Right Diamond for Yourself

diamond braceleDiamonds are the most popular as well as most precious of all gemstones known to man. There are several facets to selecting diamonds so that you get the best one for yourself. It has become very important to be aware of certain characteristic features of this precious stone owing to the fakes that have flooded the market. Synthetic diamonds are manufactured in factories and look very similar to original ones, making it difficult for a common to tell the difference. It is precisely because of this reason that you should be aware of what to look for when buying a diamond so that you come home with an original and not get fleeced!

The four Cs of diamonds are well known but few actually understand what they truly stand for. Here we attempt to elucidate these four concepts for a layman.

  • CUT

The cut of the diamond is what determines its sparkle. There are different types of cuts for diamonds. Some popular cuts are marquis, teardrop, heart, emerald, etc. The choice of cut is a highly personal decision with different people opting for various ones because not all cuts appeal to all. The type of jewelry also determines the cut. Rings, pendants, ear studs, necklaces, bracelets all require differently cut diamonds. Before you spend to buy a diamond, understand what the various cuts are and what you would prefer. Get in touch with reputed jewelers to know the different cuts and decide accordingly.


This means the weight of the stone. Since diamonds come in varied sizes it is difficult to determine the weight of each individually. Also these cannot be weighed with traditional methods. However, a carat is the standard measure for weighing a diamond. A diamond weighing 0.50 would be half a carat.


This is another very important feature of diamonds. Diamonds need to be as clear as possible. Some imperfections occur naturally in the stone while some are damaged while cutting or polishing. However, as a buyer you need to keep in mind that flawed diamonds do not reflect light and appear dull. Sometimes it is possible to spot a flaw with naked eyes while at other times you may need specialized tools to see through the stone. Such tools are usually available with reputed and genuine jewelers.


The color of a diamond also certifies its purity. The clearer the diamond, the more genuine and precious are they. Clear diamonds reflect maximum light. Some jewelers try to use artificial lighting to create an impression of more reflection, but as a buyer you need to remain uninfluenced by such tactics.

The last but not the least is certification. These days reputed companies mine and manufacture diamonds and certify their authenticity. It would be good if you find about such companies and ask for their certification to avoid being cheated.

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