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What’s the Best Way to Sell Vintage Gold Watches?

When selling your vintage gold watch, you might notice that you’re being offered prices based not on the watch, but on the gold instead. Most buyers see value only in the gold. Only a few buyers know that vintage gold watches are credible and will offer you a higher price. Selling your gold watches can be tricky. As a seller, you may look beyond the standard offers of cash for gold. Remember, the value of your vintage gold watch depends on several factors including the manufacturer and the Read more [...]

What to Expect When Selling Used Watches?

Timepieces are timeless realities. Some of these are built not only to show time, but to beat the effects of time. Often times, these timepieces form an investment with potentials for even greater returns on resale. Some of these objects increase in value with time. That heirloom you are carrying in your pockets might just be a goldmine. Step 1 – Know your buyer Buyers of these timeless timepieces can be divided into two categories – the ones who appreciate the ancient art of horology Read more [...]