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What Are the Worst Positions of Inclusions in a Diamond?

Diamonds aren’t flawless. Almost every diamond has a naturally occurring flaw or imperfection because of the complexity of its formation from carbon into a rough stone. These flaws are technically known as inclusions. Also popularly known as diamond birthmarks, these blemishes often influence the clarity and colour of a diamond. The diamond cutter assesses the rough stone by the different types and positions of the flaws and then chooses the shape of the polished diamond and its facet pattern. Read more [...]

7 Tips to Stay Safe When Buying Diamonds Online

Online shopping has made our lives easy with almost anything you can imagine just a few clicks away. Buying precious goods online like diamonds and jewelry is common with many retailers are joining the online bandwagon. However, there are certain risks involved when you buy diamonds online which can be easily avoided. Here are a few tips to keep you safe when you’re buying diamonds online. 1. Research about Your Diamond Vendor Before you consider buying from an online vendor, always check Read more [...]

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is once-in-a-lifetime decision. And yes; it has to wait. It has to wait just the way you waited for your soul-mate all your life. Any quick decision will land you in trouble. Yes, there can always be replacements and surrogates. But think again. Will it be worth it? Can there be a replacement for your sweetheart? How can your greatest token of love be replaceable then? To help you with your dilemma we bring to you one of the most well-known names in the diamond industry. Read more [...]

136.24 Carat Diamond Mined by Diamond Giant Alrosa in Russia

With websites being the first source of research for your customers, it’s crucial to have a quality responsive website to showcase that your business is reputable and make it stand out from your competitors. Our WordPress web designs are custom built to generate leads for your business no matter which devices your customers choose to find you. And if you sell products online, our shopping cart designs, credit card and payment methods, and secure connections will ensure your eCommerce store runs Read more [...]

Buy the Right Diamond for Yourself

Diamonds are the most popular as well as most precious of all gemstones known to man. There are several facets to selecting diamonds so that you get the best one for yourself. It has become very important to be aware of certain characteristic features of this precious stone owing to the fakes that have flooded the market. Synthetic diamonds are manufactured in factories and look very similar to original ones, making it difficult for a common to tell the difference. It is precisely because of this Read more [...]

Diamonds are back with a Bling… Have you cleaned yours yet?

The early trends this year in preferred gem stone colors seems to be more conservative than experimental, if Sunday's Golden Globe awards were anything to go by. A lot of white, mainly diamond and platinum ruled the hearts of celebrities and the imagination of designers on the red carpet this year. This might just see a shift in the choice of stones for this year's jewelry. Ladies... if you have boxed and kept your diamonds away, it's time to get the bling out this season! And if those precious Read more [...]

Do you know if your diamond is real?

Being a leader in the gold buying industry comes with its share of responsibilities, and sometimes you just have to speak out the truth however harsh it may sound. Many clients come to us on a daily basis to sell diamond jewellery like bracelets, necklaces, rings and other valuable items that they may have had for a long time, or may have acquired as family heirloom. Some people prefer to sell off the diamonds instead of letting them lie at the bottom of their jewelry boxes for ages. It gives them Read more [...]