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Gold Prices Slump after Climbing Steadily for the Past Year

On December 20th, prices for gold stocks stood at $1127 US, seeing a downfall of 3.1%, which is the lowest since January. Gold prices have fallen almost 17% from its peak in July, after a roaring start of the year. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has strengthened the possibility of further hikes in 2017. Here’s a summary of what she said:  On the morning of the 19th, Yellen said the US labor market has grown up to its strongest form of this decade, implementing a growth in wage and Read more [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Being Cheated When You Need to Sell Gold and Silver

There are many reasons why someone chooses to sell their gold and silver. You might be having a financial crisis or perhaps you have just grown tired of your old jewelry. The internet is full of cautions to take when selling your gold and silver. If you are not careful, you run the risk of getting cheated or scammed. Advertisements for ‘cash-for-gold’ can be found on every corner of Toronto. To avoid getting cheated or falling for a scam, you need to do your research. Here are five crucial Read more [...]

Gold Recycling – Current Market Trends You Should Know

With gold supply falling rapidly in 2014 at the rate of 2%, gold recycling levels have fallen to their lowest levels in the past 7 years. In 2013, a fall of 11% was noticed in gold recycling. What does this imply? According to World Gold Council, Gold Demand Trend Report 2014, gold recycling is supposed to remain low and will continue to fall as a result of recent surges in gold prices in China and India. In other words, as gold recycling contributes greatly towards the significant percentage Read more [...]

All You Need to Know About Gold Carats and Purity

Selling valuables is a daunting task. In fact, it is a lot more intimidating than the task of buying the valuables. Adding that every extra little bit of cautiousness thus becomes all the more important for the betterment of the seller himself. To help you gain that extra edge over the buyer, here we bring to you minimal details on the trick to measuring and weighing gold. What is Gold Carat? Gold Carat refers to the overall purity of gold. For example, 24 carat will be pure gold in comparison Read more [...]

Gold Tops Stock Market Buying Charts with 47% Gains

Gold prices rose by 26% in 2016 and are scheduled to rise even further. The top gold stocks are though set for even higher gains. In fact, Bill Patalon (Editor of Money Morning) states these prices can even go up by another 47%. Before taking a look at what Patalon suggest as the best gold stock to buy right now, let’s take a look at why they are climbing and will continue their upward trek:-  Gold marked the best start of the quarter in 2016 with a 16.1% rise. This was the best rise in Read more [...]

Cut-off for a Nerve-Tester, Gold to Resume Its Uphill Climb: Canaccord Genuity

As we have stated even earlier, 2016 has proven to be an excellent year for all gold traders. Shares of most miners have tripled or at least doubled from their lows in January. However, if analysts at Canaccord Genuity Group have made a correct analysis, there is even more upside to come. On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, analysts Tony Lesiak, Peter Bures and Rahul Paul have put a hike on their price targets for 27 precious metal stocks. The large-cap producers have now been raised with an average of Read more [...]

Why Price of Gold Goes Up When Stock Market Goes Down?

Gold is a commodity which ranks well above all others in today’s market and has retained value in the economy since 1945. The value of gold either remains constant or increases over time. For long the commodity has been used as the most ideal hedge against inflation, not letting its value depreciate by any means. Gold is also called a safe haven asset. Change in the price of gold has long been an indicator of a recession or any downturn in the economy. People often prefer the safety of gold Read more [...]

RBC Predicts Rise of Yellow Metal Price to 1300 Dollars in 2016

Having logged their best quarter in 3 decades, gold prices persistently outplay in 2016. Gold thus happens to be the most sought after commodity in 2016, making it a must buy. Succeeded by a 16.1% gain in the first 3 months, the prices are now up by 20%. The 16.1% gain was noticed in the first 3 months, with gold prices in 2016 rising up to about 20%. On Monday morning, the prices were noted at 1285.70 dollars with an upsurge of 13 dollars. The trouble of a global economic showdown will continue. A Read more [...]

Take Care of Gold Bracelets the Right Way!

Gold is a very precious metal and so is the jewelry made from it. It is a soft metal and mixed with different metals for strength, hardness and durability. Gold bracelets are common pieces of jewelry that are very popular and owned by women world over. These come in intricate designs and in more colors than one. Gold is primarily lustrous and yellow in color but is often treated to give it a different tint like pink or white. Jewelry pieces in white gold are extremely popular owing to the classy Read more [...]

Reasons to Sell Gold

Gold is an investment. People buy gold in various forms through their lifetime for various reasons. People buy jewelry, coins, bullion, gold plated watches, other accessories, etc. However, selling gold is also not uncommon as is the gold buying business. There are several reasons that lead people to sell the gold that they possess which is often in a used condition. Let us check out some of the most common reasons why people sell their gold. You need fast money Selling gold is a great way Read more [...]