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Difficulties Miners Face When Digging for Gold Underground

The Canadian Shield, British Columbia, Nunavut and the island of Newfoundland are the places where gold is most found naturally in Canada. Some of the major gold mining camps were established in northern Ontario, including Timmins, Porcupine, Red Lake, Kirkland Lake and Larder Lake during the 1900s. About 90% of Canada’s gold production comes from open-pit and underground mines. Thousands of miners go deep below the surface of the earth every day to mine gold. But it’s a difficult and dangerous Read more [...]

Gold Makes a High after 5 Month Low – December is the Right Time to Sell

After continued closure at its lowest for the past 5 months, Gold prices are now recovering some ground starting Monday November 14, 2016. The precious metal fell to a low of $1608.18 CAD per troy ounce at 5:15 that morning, and went on to make a rise of $1626.77 CAD per troy ounce by 8:45. A strong dollar and widespread forecasts that the US Federal Reserve will plan on strengthening the cost of borrowing by December is what is raking the headlines today leading to last week’s total fall of Read more [...]

4 Ways to Making Top Dollars Out of Your Antiques

When you have an antique to sell and are in need of quick cash, approaching a local antiques dealer will offer easy solution. For sellers who do not want to go to Craigslist, selling locally saves you from paying fees associated with online selling and collecting any payment from buyers together with the hassles associated with it. Of course worrying about the items, getting damaged in transit is another issue that needs to be considered. Knowing what to do and what to expect before approaching Read more [...]