Diamonds are back with a Bling… Have you cleaned yours yet?

The early trends this year in preferred gem stone colors seems to be more conservative than experimental, if Sunday’s Golden Globe awards were anything to go by. A lot of white, mainly diamond and platinum ruled the hearts of celebrities and the imagination of designers on the red carpet this year. This might just see a shift in the choice of stones for this year’s jewelry.

Ladies… if you have boxed and kept your diamonds away, it’s time to get the bling out this season! And if those precious gemstones have been collecting dust, fret not. We have some very useful tips here that will help you keep your diamonds clean and sparkly even if they haven’t seen the light of day for some time.

Dull diamonds? Dirty diamonds?

Not anymore.

  • Club soda treatment – Bring back the sheen on your diamond engagement ring with simple, everyday items. Soaking the piece of jewelry in club soda for a night will restore the lustre and sheen of your precious ring.
  • Alka Seltzer – A bowl of ALka Seltzer spells magic potion for those precious stones too. It takes just a couple of minutes for the liquid to sizzle off the dullness from diamond jewelry to bring back the sparkle.
  • Detergent dip – Dip your diamonds in a bowl of soft detergent soaked in water and clean with a soft bristled tooth brush to clean any dirt from the diamond ring you have been wearing for a long time.
  • Toothpaste treatment – Did you know, diamonds can also be cleaned with toothpaste? Not the gritty ones but the normal white toothpaste. Use a soft tooth brush and a small amount of the paste to gently scrub the ring. When done, rinse thoroughly in cold water. Many people advice against using toothpaste on diamond, but as long as you are using toothpaste that does not come with extra frills, you should be able to get the sheen on jewellery that has seen numerous summers.

Machine cleaning at home

The ultrasonic cleaning machine cleans diamond jewelry just like professionals do, restoring the lustre and sheen in minutes. The procedure is simple. Fill in the assigned compartment with liquid soap and water and place the ring in it. Close the lid and keep it in for a few minutes. Take out after the required time to get back a new-looking ring.

Remember not to leave the ring in the machine for more than the stipulated time. It may damage your jewelry.

Do you have some more points to add to these helpful tips? Do let us know how you clean your jewelry at home!

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