Learn to Differentiate Between Real Pearls from Fake Ones

Pearl jewelry is common and most of us have a jewelry piece or two of this priceless bauble. However, with duplicates reigning high, stores are flooded with artificial pearls and it can be quite a challenge to spot a real one from a fake one. Here we have listed out a few simple tests to help you ascertain authentic pearls from their fake counterparts.


While you are testing a pearl, check the surface. You can do this by holding up a single pearl and pressing it lightly in between your front biting teeth. If they feel a little grainy, it is indication that they are pure. Artificial ones have a smooth surface. This test can also be done by rubbing two pearls together and if they appear gritty from friction, you can rest assured that you have some real pearls. Also if you hold and observe them closely after this friction test, real pearls will appear a little eroded, while fake ones will remain unaffected.


Check the shape of every pearl well. Since pearls occur naturally, they usually differ in shape, even if the difference is marginal and often negligible. You need to observe them keenly to spot this dissimilarity to ascertain their purity. Fake ones are too perfect to be true.


Real pearls will always be cold to the touch of bare hands. Hold a few in hand and form a fist to feel their real temperature before they warm up. Artificial ones will be much warm.


Just like shapes, minor variations in color are common in case of real pearls, while the artificial ones are uniform in every aspect. Real ones will vary in color and you need to scrutinize carefully to detect the variation.


Real and authentic pearls appear heavier than the fake ones. You need to take fistful of these baubles and evaluate their weight to find out their genuineness.

In addition to the above tests, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that, fake pearls are manufactured to perfection. They are made of ceramic, glass, shell or plastic and are coated with varnish for glow. So when you are looking out for real pearls, check the baubles for imperfections, because more the flaws, the more genuine are they.

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