What to Expect When Selling Your Dental Gold?

Dental Gold has never been found to be 100% pure. The majority of dental scrap value comes from its gold content, to which precious metals are added in to increase strength and durability. 30% of the dental gold is comprised of palladium, platinum and silver.

Gold buyers will pay you only for the gold content. But before everything you will have to bring the Gold in for an evaluation.

Step 1: Collect Your Dental Gold

To start with, find all the dental gold you have and the documents related to them. Once you have done the job of collecting these items you can start looking for the dental buyer. You will need to collect:-

1. Sweeps

2. Bridges

3. Crowns

4. Inlays

5. Onlays

6. Caps

7. Porcelain Fused Metal

8. Porcelain Fused Gold

In case you are looking to make more money from selling scrap dental gold, you can actually go on restoring these from people for whom they are no longer of any use. Thus, they can actually be acquired for free.

Step 2: Estimate Their Value

To maximize the returns for any dental gold, it becomes important to have a good idea of what the implants might be worth. The documented information on dental restoration can be important because at times, these bear proof of how much exactly the metals are worth. With proper documentation you will have an estimate of the actual amount of the worth of metals, which would look something like:

12K Gold 47%

Palladium 29%

Porcelain 24%

By weighing the item and looking at their current prices, a person can have an estimate of what exactly will the dental gold be worth.

Step 3: Find a Gold Buyer

When trying to maximize returns for your dental gold, it is important to select the right buyer. Local pawn shops and jewelry buyers are often not able to rightly value your gold because they lack resources and cannot find out the exact value of these items. So, it is of utmost importance to find one who has the right resources to fetch you the right value for your products.

Step 4: Be Sure of What It is Worth

Just to get a vague idea of what dental restorations are actually worth, let us consider the example of a dental crown. An average full “gold” crown can weigh up to 2 to 3 grams. As an easy to use round number, let us do some calculations on the per ounce value of gold price. For a crown with an alloy of 10 Karat, the value might come somewhere near 40 dollars. If the alloy goes up to 22 karat the value might come somewhere near 92 dollars.

Step 5: Collect Your Amount

Once the value of gold has been ascertained, you can quote a price for your item. You will have a certain amount of time to then accept or decline an offer based on the policies of the organization you are choosing. Most sellers offer cash for gold.

While selling your gold, you must remember it is your valuable object. It is in your best interest to keep a check on the value that you can derive from this gold.

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