What to Expect When Selling Used Watches?

Timepieces are timeless realities. Some of these are built not only to show time, but to beat the effects of time. Often times, these timepieces form an investment with potentials for even greater returns on resale. Some of these objects increase in value with time. That heirloom you are carrying in your pockets might just be a goldmine.

Step 1 – Know your buyer

Buyers of these timeless timepieces can be divided into two categories – the ones who appreciate the ancient art of horology and the ones who see these as nothing more than a precious metal which can almost anytime be turned into scrap. Used timepieces are frequently worth a lot more than their nostalgic value. Only a passionate buyer will understand the worth of the legendary brands and perfect models. A buyer either knows the attributes of the timepiece or he doesn’t.

Step 2 – Manage Expectations

Everyone knows about a Rolex, but only a professional buyer will know the difference between Patek and Beitling. A sparkling price can always be expected for any of these pieces:-

 TAG Heuer
 Panerai
 Breitling
 Omega
 Patek Phillipe Calatrava
 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Even then, not all models will fetch value across models. Some happen to gain value over time, but some will devaluate. Even a stainless steel sport Rolex isn’t a sure investment because not all of them become classics. Women’s watches tend to fetch lesser value, owing to lower demand.

Your buyer will thus evaluate anything more than the name on the face.

Step 3 – Beware of fakes

Replicas abound, it is never easy for a consumer to recognize a fake. Your buyer will almost always know how to assess the features, color and design to determine the timepiece’s authenticity.

Step 4 – Used watches that depreciate

Most timepieces are like cars. The moment they leave the store, their value falls. The most expensive haute horology watches devaluate very quickly owing to the limited number of owners who find interest in them. If you are fortunate enough to have such a timeless piece of art on your hands, you might get some good money from a pawn only if they sense profit.

Step 5 – Broken Watches

Dealers buy broken watches, only if they know they can fix it easily without much investment. While they do not use condition to determine value, they are also not opposed to refurbishing their buy. It is rare for a sold watch to be in excellent condition and will almost always need polishing and repairing.

Selling used watches is though not as easy as selling scrap gold. Legitimate buyers are rare and not all of them are flexible with payments. Contact us today, if you are looking for a good price.

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