All You Need to Know About Gold Carats and Purity

Selling valuables is a daunting task. In fact, it is a lot more intimidating than the task of buying the valuables. Adding that every extra little bit of cautiousness thus becomes all the more important for the betterment of the seller himself. To help you gain that extra edge over the buyer, here we bring to you minimal details on the trick to measuring and weighing gold.

What is Gold Carat?

Gold Carat refers to the overall purity of gold. For example, 24 carat will be pure gold in comparison to 10 or 14 carat, when mixed with other sizes for durability or strength. While purity is very important in determining value, so is physical weight. A seller has to know the difference between 10 carat gold, 14 carat gold and 24 carat gold. Knowing the difference between the three is what makes the scenario different for the buyer.

Carats Explained

Most Gold jewelry and solid gold bars or bullion have their purity mark engraved on the jewelry itself. If you are able to understand what you are reading, you can also determine the carat of gold and its overall purity. Here is what the most common stamps on jewelry might mean:-

1. 8k, 8ct or 333 – They all refer to 8 carat gold. Gold with these markings is very common in Europe, as 8 carat gold is not recognized everywhere due to its low quality. The abbreviation “ct” stands for carat and “k” came to refer Karat, from the American spelling. “333” refers to 33% pure.

2. 9k, 9ct or 375 – 9 carat gold is recognized mostly in the British Commonwealth nations. With 37.5% purity these come to make durable, long-lasting jewelry that experiences a lot of wear and tear.

3. 10k, 10ct or 416 – These come to mark 10 carat gold is the most standard gold in the market. At 41.6% it is known for its durability.

4. 14k, 14ct or 585 – These stand for 14 carat gold and are much used in the marketplace. Measured for 58.5% purity it is very popular among buyers.

5. 15k, 15ct or 625 – An old piece of jewelry is a perfect example of 15 carat gold. With 62.5% purity, this type is obsolete since 1935 and can be found only in heirloom pieces.

6. 18k, 18ct or 655 – As obvious these are synonyms for 18 carat gold. With 65.5% purity, this goes in the making of all high quality jewelry. It is also considered an industry standard for quality work.

7. 24k, 24ct or 1000 – The purest form of gold available. Due to the softness of gold when purest, this is rarely used in jewelry form.

Weighing Gold

To get an exact estimate of your gold’s worth; you will have to know its physical weight. Weighing gold is a bit more involved than just placing it on the scale. Precious metals like gold have their own measurement. When looking to resell gold, pennyweights and grams are the most common measurements. The troy ounce refers to 20 pennyweights or 480 grams.

Once accustomed with the weight and carat of gold, you will want to contact an experienced and professional buyer. How can you sell gold for instant cash? Here’s something for your reading:–

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