Sell Gold Jewellery for INSTANT CASH

Does that broken gold earrings remind you of an age-old heartbreak? Looking at those still makes you sad?

Worry no more!

You no longer need to live with those broken pieces of gold jewellery that are practically of no use. You can now sell gold jewelry in lieu of cash with Canadian Gold Buyer. We are the largest buyer of gold jewellery in Toronto and offer you the best rates for that.

So, you no longer need to hand on to the unwanted or unused piece of jewellery anymore. You can turn it into cash instantly. Canadian Gold Buyer offers 100% customer satisfaction in all its dealings.

What We Buy

We buy gold jewellery in all forms. From your old and unused gold necklace, earrings, pins, broaches, bracelet, bangles, rings to broken pieces of ornaments , we accept everything. Depending on the appraisal value of the jewellery, we pay you the top dollars on spot.

How the Price is determined

The price is determined in terms of karat value and the current market trend. Normally gold jewellery is treated with alloy and during the appraisal, its value is deducted. The melt value of gold is measured in terms of karat and you are paid according to that value. However, we deal with customers keeping the market trends in mind.

Call us today for a free appraisal.

Sell Gold Jewellery

Cash for gold is indeed a great way to earn money nowadays. The mechanism itself is also quite simple and hassle free. It’s a way to liquidate your asset and earn some cash instantly when you need it. But after the appraisal, if you do not feel like selling it off, use it as a collateral for borrowing liquid cash from us.

We check the authenticity of Gold Jewellery

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we deal with authentic gold. Hence we follow a thorough testing process to evaluate its authenticity. Here’s our 3-step process:

  • Scratch Testing
  • Fluorescence X-ray testing
  • Acid Testing

It helps us understanding the authenticity of the item and makes evaluation easier.

Why Choose Canadian Gold Buyer

Though we also operate with the similar “cash for gold” policy like the pawn shops, we have created our excellence in this field. Here’s how we are different:

  • Unbeatable Price- We offer unbeatable price in the region. We do not involve middleman and all our dealings are done in-house. Hence we can offer you the highest rate.
  • Free of cost appraisal- We offer free of cost appraisal, so that you can know the value of your product. Knowing the appraisal price will help you avail our price challenge.
  • Unmatched customer service- We offer top-notch customer service.Hence you can always get the best assistance post transaction also.

 So, enjoy selling your Gold jewellery with us. Get the Best Price Instantly.

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