Simple Ways of Cleaning Gold Jewelry at Home

All of us love flaunting our jewelry collection. and gold especially finds most favour in our hearts. Its unique beauty makes it distinguished and if you need to impress then dirty or tarnished jewelry is not really an option. To bring back that lost luster here are some simple and easy methods that can be followed at home without worrying about spending big bucks.

  • Dish-washing liquid

This is the easiest and most adopted method. Simply make a mixture of dish-washing liquid and warm water and soak the trinkets in it for some time. Take them out and use a soft baby toothbrush to scrub mildly. Any dirt or grime will be removed by this but be careful enough not to put too much pressure otherwise being delicate, gold can be scratched. Hold the jewelry under running water to get rid of all traces of soap and blot them dry with a piece of soft cloth. Voila! You have brand new looking ornaments!

  • Handling pieces with glued-in stones

Immersing in water and liquid soap solution is not an option for jewelry that contain gemstones glued into setting as the glue can loosen and gemstones may fall out. There is a simpler solution for that. Soak a delicate soft towel in the mentioned mixture and gently wipe the ornaments. Wash the cloth with plain water and use it to sponge down the jewelry and remove any leftover soap. Air-dry the piece to get rid of all moisture.

  • Ammonia

This is another method that is often followed for a thorough clean-up. Take six parts water and one part ammonia and mix well. Soak the trinket in it for just a minute, take it out on to a strainer and rinse in water. Pat it dry with a piece of soft cloth and air-dry completely. However, since the substance is very powerful and somewhat caustic it should be used occasionally. In fact, pieces with pearls or platinum should be kept away from it.

  • Vinegar

White vinegar is a miracle liquid for cleaning gemstones and gold ornaments. Fill up a small container with the liquid and place your jewelry to soak in it for 10 minutes. Take it out and scrub with a baby toothbrush to make it dazzle.

For pieces that are encrusted with delicate stones like turquoise and pearls, it is best to clean up with warm water and soap process. For an extra sparkle to gemstones, use club soda. One thing to remember is never be too vigorous with the rubbing and scrubbing. Be patient and stay gentle to ensure well-being of your jewelry.

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