Some Tips and Advice to Maintain Jewelry

Our jewelry collection is our pride and we do all that we can to make sure it remains intact. However, due to ignorance we might slip up and end up damaging it. To tackle that, here are some tips to keep in mind for safe-keeping of your ornaments in the long run.

  • Must Dos

Before you put on your jewelry, make sure application of all your cosmetics, hairspray and lotion has been completed. While taking them off use a soft clean cloth to wipe off perspiration and skin oils from each piece. When storing, keep them wrapped in tissue in a box lined with fabric; this will prevent scratches.

  • Must Avoid

When conducting strenuous work like exercising, cleaning or gardening, it is best not to wear any jewelry as it might get scratched. Household cleaning products should be kept at a safe distance from it as well. Stay away from swimming in pools when wearing trinkets as the chlorine in the pool water might damage them. For pave set gemstones where the stones are glued, the pieces should be kept away from water. Do not soak them in water even for cleaning as the glue may come off.

  • Cleaning Equipment

For gold ornaments, a very soft baby toothbrush is fine enough. But for delicate pieces, there are jewelry brushes available which help in better cleaning. If you don’t have them, don’t fret! Using eyebrow brushes, cotton buds or Q-tips will work fine as well.

  • Storage

Jewelery buyers are recommended to store jewelry separately, away from other metals. This reduces the chances of it getting scratches. Separate compartments of jewelry boxes or small pouches can be used for separate storage.

  • Regular Maintenance

The trinkets should be cleaned regularly since skin oils, lotions and soaps can make the gemstones and diamonds look dull. If an item is badly soiled then take the help of professionals. Polish the jewelry pieces on a yearly basis. However, before polishing at home, make sure to conduct a proper research on which products are best as they will not be the same for platinum and gold jewelry. For stones be careful not to use polish on them as that might make them appear dull. In fact, for best results get them polished by experts. You can also try using soft polishing cloth to clean which will help getting a longer shine.

These are some general tips and tricks which can be followed to maintain almost any metal. Use them to keep your jewelry looking great!

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