Tips for Easy-Clean of Silver Artifacts

People often find the thought of cleaning tarnished silver artifacts to be intimidating. But not anymore! You can easily take care of dulled silver items at home without running to professional cleaners every time.

  • Prompt washing

After using silver items wash them immediately. This delays the tarnishing process. If tarnish begins to appear, clean it up with phosphate-free detergent that is gentle and not lemon-based.

  • Use toothpaste

Toothpaste is a miracle ointment for silver and leaves it sparkling, especially if it boasts of superior tartar control. Simply rub the toothpaste on to the item gently. Wash it well and pat dry for a brand new look. Here, do remember to use white toothpaste and not gel ones.

  • Aluminium foil

Another great way to get rid of dullness from any kind of silver article is using the aluminium foil method. Take a small bowl and layer it with the foil. Add some salt and baking soda and fill up with boiling water. Now dip the piece in it and wait while this concoction works its magic. . Bring out jewelry with a pair of tongs looking absolutely new and for any tarnish still left, you can rub it off with a soft towel.

  • Tomato ketchup

For those items which have stones encrusted, ketchup is a safe option. For stubborn blemishes, squirt some ketchup and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rub with a paper towel and wash off. If the item is textured then a clean mascara brush can be used.

  • Correct storage

To make sure that there are less chances of tarnish deposit, appropriate storage is extremely necessary. Before storing, all the pieces must be completely dry. Wrapping them in anti-tarnish or acid-free tissue paper or even flannel can improve its safekeeping. Seal the entire thing in a plastic bag that is airtight. Keep some silica gel in a container nearby to reduce humidity.

  • Proper scrubbing

Proper scrubbing is very important and for that you need proper tools. Whatever you use, it must be soft enough so that the metal does not get scratched. An old, soft toothbrush or baby toothbrush is good for this purpose. You can also try cellulose sponges. For cleaning deep between crevices you can utilize Q-tips, cotton balls or clean mascara wands.

  • Say no to rubber gloves

During the entire process of cleaning do not wear rubber gloves because silver is corroded by rubber. Cotton or even nitrile gloves can be worn since they do not have any sulphur that leads to tarnish.

These household tips and tricks are aimed to help you keep the beautiful white metal looking brand new and gorgeous. So follow these easy methods and enjoy the envious stares that your artifacts get.

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