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Sell Gold for Cash to the Best Buyer in Toronto

Canadian Gold Buyer brings you an opportunity to sell off your discarded, unwanted, broken and deformed piece of jewelry for maximum CASH value paid on the SPOT. As a premium gold buyer in Toronto , we promise you instant cash , which is much higher than the other popular jewelry stores , pawn shops and gold dealers in the city.

We are not simply the gold dealers! We deal with precious metals

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we accept almost anything and everything that is made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium and others. Gather all your old and unwanted jewelry, rings, coins and bullion and come to us. We will assess and evaluate its value right away and will pay you the cash On the SPOT.

Why Us

Canadian Gold Buyer guarantees a fast, transparent and hassle-free dealing. Selling gold with us gives you several benefits:

  1. No-obligation appraisal of your valuables
  2. Instant, On-the-Spot Cash Payment, which is higher than market value
  3. Loans on low interest
  4. Price guarantee
  5. No-haggle policy

You can also keep your valuables as collateral to take loan from us. We promise you a higher amount of loan than the market. Also, our interest rate is much lower.

So waste time no more!

Get in touch with us through phone or send across a mail. You can also visit us in person with all your valuables to close the deal on the same day.No appointment is required.