The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is once-in-a-lifetime decision. And yes; it has to wait. It has to wait just the way you waited for your soul-mate all your life. Any quick decision will land you in trouble. Yes, there can always be replacements and surrogates. But think again. Will it be worth it? Can there be a replacement for your sweetheart? How can your greatest token of love be replaceable then?

To help you with your dilemma we bring to you one of the most well-known names in the diamond industry.

David Allen (of high-end jewelers 77 Diamonds) guides you on buying your most expensive and special diamond of your life; and how to make it more special and delightful.

1. Carat

It is up to the individual, but it’s better to never be hung up on carat weight.
“Actually a 0.9 looks exactly the same than a 1 carat if it has bigger measurements,” says David, so why not buy it and save yourself $3362.71.

2. Color

Diamonds are mapped on a scale of D-Z. Any nice and white diamond is H to the naked eye. Now the choice depends entirely on the individual, on whether they wish to pay a little more on that or get the best and buy a D.

3. Cut

For that sparkle in her eye, the diamond also has to sparkle. For that perfect sparkle buy only an excellent or very good.

4. Clarity

David recommends anything from a VS1 – VS2 or above.

5. Contour

An emerald cut diamond, which does not have a lot of sparkle, is what David recommends. It’s a step cut diamond so the light reflection is generally less. Pippa Middleton owns an Asscher cut which is actually a square step cut. Angelina Jolie on the other hand flaunts off an emerald cut.

6. Certification

An independently certified stone is supreme, but you also have to hold knowledge of which is which. The safest bet in the industry is getting a GIA-certified stone as they set the benchmark in the industry. With almost 90 percent of the stones in the industry being GIA certified, there is not much to worry about.

The purchase of a diamond is mantled in much drama and dilemma. Numerous emotions come to make the decision. These overwhelming emotions can even take you to a wrong decision. Despite the joys that come with popping the question, you just cannot go out, pick the first ring and just propose. Plan it the perfect way. Make your special day all the more special.

May your world shine as bright as the diamond! Wish you a happy married life ahead!

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