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With gold prices ruling the business scenario over the past few years, there has been a huge surge of selling out unused, broken or outdated jewellery to gold dealers. In fact, this has emerged as a new and convenient means to improve finances. There have been instances you might have faced financial crunches and most of the time you have no liquid cash at your access to cope up with the situation. To deal with such unforeseen scenarios, Canadian Gold Buyer has brought an amazing facility of paying cash in lieu of precious metals, including gold silver, diamond and exclusive antiques.

Over the past few years, we are the largest and most trusted buyer of precious articles in the GTA. Our popularity is mainly based on our capability to provide you the best rates for the precious and valued possession of yours. Serving the nation for past few years, Canadian Gold Buyer is now a brand and the most trusted name in the industry. We have garnered the trust of our customers by estimating the true worth of the metals and accordingly providing them the best price. Since we deal directly with our customers, we can easily cut down the costs involved with the “Middle Man”.

Whether its rings, earrings, necklaces, or anything (no matter how insignificant it is) made of these precious metals, we buy it and pay you liquid cash right away. Unlike the random pawn shops, we offer onsite guarantee of payment. We understand the value of time and your emotion associated with your possession. Hence, we never leave you feel jilted when it comes to pay cash for gold. With a wide range of exclusive deals, we promise you delightful returns on every single transaction you do with us.

Why Choose Us

It’s true that we claim ourselves as the best, but we do have valid reasons. Instead of making exaggerated comments, we believe in offering you satisfied results every time you visit us. Here’s what separates us from the lot.

100% guarantee of payment in terms of liquid cash

True appraisal of Precious metals

Instant payment in the hassle free way

Accept almost everything made of gold, silver and diamond and exquisite antiques.


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