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When you’re looking to sell gold and diamond jewelry, trust and reliability makes the difference. At Canadian Gold Buyer, we keep our gold buying process as simple as possible to make it easy for everyone. We are committed in delivering a safe, secure and a hassle free selling experience to all of our customers.

Canadian Gold Buyer is one of the largest buyers in the GTA and holds a strong reputation for dealing in Gold, Silver and Diamonds by offering competitive rates. Canadian Gold Buyer runs an estimate to figure out the real worth of your precious metals and then quotes you a price that is the highest in the market when compared to other leading gold and diamond buyers in the GTA in Canada. All of our appraisers are highly recognized in the market.

3 things to know before you sell gold jewelry:

1. The price of gold tends to fluctuate every day. You should know the rate of selling gold on the day you wish to sell yours.

2. Try to figure out if the gold buyer has their own refinery. That way, you can earn much more on your gold as there will no need to sell your gold further down the market.

3. If you’re planning to sell your jewelry, make sure you know the karat weight. Also, it’s important to remember that most gold jewelry isn’t pure gold, but has other metals in a blended form and it’s the karat weight that plays an important role in determining the price you get for your valuables.