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We Provide Instant Cash For Gold On The Spot

You’ve been everywhere looking for some extra cash to meet an emergency. You’ve been to the bank, to those lenders who promise quick loans, researched online lenders… you’ve virtually exhausted all options to get some quick cash instantly. At the end of your search, you are still in the need for money, and yet you do not know where to find it.

When you think you have no other option left, think again… Do you have some gold?

Yes, gold that you aren’t using anymore. The old necklace that is an heirloom from generations ago. Or a piece of jewelry that is broken. ALL of your jewelry that is useless can turn useful again. At Canadian Gold Buyer you can get cash for gold, regardless of its condition.

How is it possible?

Unbelievable though it may sound, Canadian Gold Buyer is the only place where you can avail INSTANT cash when you are in dire need. No credit checks. And no guarantors needed. Here we give you cash for gold that you may not want to use any more. Bring in any kind of jewelry you may have, gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, diamonds… the list is virtually endless. If it is valuable we will pay the price for it.

We are the only reputed gold buyer that will pay you the highest rate based on transparency and accuracy.

How do we give you cash for gold?

As a reputable gold buyer in the city of Toronto, we believe in keeping our processes simple and hassle-free. And transparent. When you bring in your unwanted gold, we evaluate it using a simple assessment procedure. It is done within the premises of the shop, in front of you. There is no third party involved, and we do not send the valuables to any other vendor. The entire assessment process is carried out right there in front of you to maintain transparency.

The 3 step process:

  • Bring in the Gold: You bring in the gold to our shop on Steeprock Dr. for us to evaluate.
  • Quick assessment: We use state-of-the art technology to assess your gold. Transparency is a guiding principle of our business and we maintain the same even during evaluation. We evaluate your gold or other precious jewelry in front of you, encouraging you to ask questions.
  • Instant cash for gold: Once the evaluation process is over, we make you an offer for the highest rate on the spot. Since our business is owned and operated privately, we believe in transparency. This fantastic process of cash as-and-when required has helped many of our customers in need.

Dual process of Getting Cash for Gold

There are two ways in which you can get some instant cash when you come to Canadian Gold Buyer.

  • LOAN: It may be possible that you want the money but do not want to part from your gold forever. Gold jewelry has its own value, both financial and also emotional, and we understand if you don’t want to let it go forever. At Canadian Gold Buyer, we let you keep the gold and earn money from it too. We will offer you loan amounts as high as 80% of the value of your item, and you can get the money instantly. When the loan period is over, pay it off and take your jewelry home.
    Easy. Hassle free. No tension.
  • We buy gold for cash: Have no need for your broken jewelry? Want to get rid of the wedding band and want to start life afresh? Sell your gold for cash to us. We will follow the simple 3 step process when you bring in the valuables and offer you instant cash for gold.

With our excellent, and trouble free methods of selling gold, getting emergency cash is no more an issue.

We can come to your place to collect your valuables, or you can drop into our shop for a fair and free evaluation, before you sell your gold.

Whichever way you wish to get money for your unwanted gold, Canadian Gold Buyer is there to help you.