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Attractive opportunity to get Top Dollars for Gold!

Maybe money cannot buy you love. But then love never had to pay the bills. Or the taxes.

Cold, hard cash is the reality of life, and at certain junctures, having that extra bit of money helps. If liquid cash is what you need, and you cannot find a way out of the situation, we are here to help you out. Did you know you could get top dollars for gold that you may never use again?

Yes. Cash for gold! Instant, hassle-free money, as and when you need it. In all of Toronto and GTA!

Too good to be true…

No. It’s not one of the scams you are reading, promising you the moon and stars, and then leaving you mid-trajectory. Canadian Gold Buyer has been in the business of paying top dollars for gold to hundreds of customers who need some quick cash. We have customers coming in every day with unwanted gold jewelry, broken jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, jewelry and coins made of silver, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals, and also diamonds.

All that is fine… But how do I do it?

By giving us a call on (647) 351-3526

Gather your unwanted gold jewelry, broken jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, nose pins, ear studs, thumb rings, toe rings, piercing studs, scrap gold, dental gold… virtually any gold valuable you may have, and give us a call on (647) 351-3526 or simply walk into our 780 Steeprock Dr address.

Our simple 3 step process makes it easier to assess and evaluate your gold. There is no hidden transaction or any befuddling methods that will leave you wondering whether you got the right price.

If it is Canadian Gold Buyer, you can expect top dollars for gold.

Advantages of selling gold to the top gold buyer of Toronto that’s us

  • No tall promises. You get the worth of what you bring to us.
  • No hidden charges
  • No processing fees
  • Free Evaluation of your gold
  • Highest rates offered
  • Fast, Quick Money

But, wait. I don’t want to sell my Gold.

Finding it difficult to let go of your precious jewelry, and yet need the money? We have options for that too. With our exciting options of gold loans, getting money when you need it was never easier.

We apply similar procedures when you pledge your gold jewelry to us, for a certain amount of loan period. You can keep your gold with us and use the money you get from it.

Advantages of gold loans from us:

  • Start paying off the gold loan after the loan period
  • Take back your possessions exactly the way you left them
  • Rock bottom interest rates
  • Top dollars for gold
  • Variable interest rates

Don’t let go of the exciting opportunity to get top dollars for gold jewelry you may never use. Let go of those belongings that remind you of the painful past. And start anew. While you are at it, let Canadian Gold Buyer set you off with some much needed cash.

Walk into our shop or Give us a Call. We can even meet you anywhere in the GTA for your convenience.

To know more about our excellent customer service, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone.

We are open 7 days a week!