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Frequently Asked Questions

We GUARANTEE FAST, SAFE and INSTANT Cash for all your prized possession. But before you rest all your worries and trust us as your partner, we want you to know more about us. Read through our FAQ and you will know why we are the best.

Are you a Gold Buyer?

Yes we are a reputed and legal gold buyer in the region. However, we deal with other precious metals like silver, platinum and gemstones like diamonds. We accept antiques, flatware, estate pieces, dental gold, and custom jewelry and pay you the cash value of the same, instantly on the spot. We do the appraisal in front of you and maintain transparency throughout. Call us at our toll free number (647) 351-0951. No prior appointment is required.

How should I reach you?

You can reach us through multiple ways. Either you can come into our store or you can give us a call. You can walk into our store with your valuable items and walk out with the cash right away. If you are not able to visit our office, give us a call or send across a cash mail. Our representative will be right at your doorstep within 24 hours to collect your valuables. In that case, you can also get your valuables appraised right in front of you. You will get the cash delivered at your postal address within 24 hours. Contact us here.

How do you evaluate the price of the items you buy?

We are a licensed gold buyer and hence we adhere to the strict policies laid by the law. We pay only for the melt value of your gold jewelry. Since pure gold is treated with alloy, we measure the gold amount in the jewelry piece in terms of karat. During the appraisal, we consider only the melt value of pure gold and the price is then evaluated keeping the current market trends in mind. Find more at

Am I getting the best deal?

Yes you are. We not only claim rather we guarantee that we offer you the best price in every possible ways. This is because we do not involve middlemen and hence we can pay you good rates, which would have otherwise been to pay the third party. We also do the appraisal in front of you, so that you can have a detailed idea of the price of the metal. Also, you can compare our price with the popular stores in the region and you will know by yourself whether you are getting the best deal. Check out the price at

Should I expect the same price which I paid while buying my jewelry?

No you should not. While buying jewelry, you have to pay the price of the gold, the craftsmanship and the service charge together. But, while selling the items you will only get the value of gold. We are gold buyers. We only pay for the melt value of the gold and not for the craftsmanship.

What do you buy?

We are known as gold buyers but we also accept silver, palladium, platinum and other precious metals and gemstones. You can collect all your jewelry pieces, which are unused, deformed or broken and trade them for cash. From jewelry pieces to coins, bullions, dental jewelry, custom ornaments and almost everything which is made of any precious metal is accepted. See more at

How do you test the purity of gold? Is there any specific method?

Yes there are and we adhere to the licensed procedure for the same. We have a strict approach, but we do not have any hidden charges. To keep things clear, we do the appraisal in front of you. Come in with your possessions and we will initially check the specific stamp to know the karat value of the jewelry. Then it is taken to the refinery, we follow three different techniques to assess its value. It starts with acid/scratch test, next is electronic test and the final one is X-ray fluorescence scan. These help us in assessing the value of the pure gold.

What to do if I am not satisfied with the pay you offer?

So far we have never come across such situation, but even if we do, there are hassle free policies to solve it. Since we offer a no obligation appraisal, there’s no hard and fast rule that you have to sell your gold with us. If after the appraisal you are not happy, bring it to our notice and we return your valuables right away.

Will I get paid for the gemstone attached on my jewelry?

Yes you will but that will be a separate payment. We will only pay for the melt value of pure gold, silver and other and will separately pay for the jewelry. We do not pay for the value of your jewelry, rather we pay for the melt value of the metal.

What is karat? How it is measured?

Karat is the standard of measuring the purity of the gold. Since gold is soft it is treated with alloy to make it hard for crafting jewelry. Normally, copper, silver and zinc are used as alloy. By comparing the percentage of gold to its alloy you can determine the purity. In US and Canada, gold jewelry is available in 10K, 14K or 18K, where 24 karat is pure gold. An 18K ring comprises of 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy. So, you will get the price of the 18k gold only.

Do I need to produce any identification proof while selling jewelry?

Yes, we have strict policy about this. We need you to produce your Passport, Provincial ID and Citizenship proof, Driving License, Status Certificate, and Provincial Residential Card before accepting any piece of jewelry from your end. All these are maintained for security purposes. We do not encourage any fraudulent acts in this regards.

How is the “Cash for Gold” scheme is actually operated?

We adhere to the state rules in this regard. A successful transaction on this part requires the following:
  • The seller must produce a proper government issued identification
  • The seller should be 18 years of age
  • Stolen items are not accepted. A legal document of every single item has to be produced before selling. Authenticity verification must be done in this regard
  • For enhanced security, we store detailed records of all transactions. Your sign on a legal form is therefore asked for the same. It states that you enjoy the legal ownership of the items you are selling. According to this, any fraudulent activities will be directly brought to the notice of law.

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at (647) 351-0951. We would love to answer your queries.