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Sell Gold for Cash at the HIGHEST and TRANSPARENT rates in Toronto

Selling Gold for Cash has become one of the accepted ways in these present times of recession and hardships. With the commodity prices increasing, many people are eager to sell off their gold for cash that they need for various purposes. Students might need the cash to pay for college, salaried professionals for meeting an emergency need or to take a vacation, business owners to pay off a loan… the reasons are endless, the action same – selling Gold for Cash.

It’s not a huge deal really. Not when you are dealing with Canadian Gold Buyer. With our transparent policies in place, an easy and quick assessment procedure, and the highest rates in Toronto and GTA, chances are unlikely that you will begrudge the rates you receive from us.

We pay for your Gold INSTANTLY

We’ve kept convenient options open for you:

  • Visit us: We are right here on 780 Steeprock Dr. Open Every Day. Gather your precious metals (gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bullion, gold necklace, bracelets, rings, cuff links, tie pins, scraps… and just about everything made in gold).
  • We will visit you: If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. Call us from anywhere in GTA, and we will meet you at a pre-appointed time and place. It might be difficult for some people to carry a huge amount of gold, and their safety may be compromised. Which is why, we give you the benefit of sitting at your own home and selling your gold for cash.


Knowledge is power

Many clients are not sure of their gold value, and hesitate sending in their gold jewelry. We advise you to know the worth of your precious valuables before you think of selling or loaning your gold for cash.

To this extent, we have a FREE EVALUATION service at our shop in Toronto. Walk in any day to know what your jewelry is worth. It is always best to know the real value of your gold and how much cash for gold you will get.

As part of our excellent customer service, we encourage our clients to keep all communication channels open. We want you to participate actively in the evaluation process, asking questions, be present during the evaluation, and understand how we offer you the rates.

This helps you to understand how you have been paid. To know more about How it Works, we invite you to explore our gold mine of a site.

Knowledge truly then, will be power.

We buy Gold for Cash and we Offer Gold Loans too

Gold buyers in Toronto generally buy your gold for cash, paying you the highest price for gold. This means you have to give away your favorite jewelry and never see it again. While it is a perfect scheme for unwanted jewelry, or broken gold, what if you DON’T want to sell your gold, but still need some money?

While we are the best gold buyers in Toronto, we also offer you the flexibility of keeping your gold and earning some money from it too.

Just opt for one of our excellent gold loan schemes. Our loan schemes offer you flexibility of payment and loan periods so that the benefit is entirely yours.

  • Flexible loan periods from one day to a year! Take the money when you need it the most, and then repay it with interest, and take your gold back!
  • Low rates benefit the customer without over burdening them. We are here to help you. Not fleece you.

Being the leader in buying Gold for Cash from our clients entails a great deal of responsibility towards our clients. We are in the business for long, and we aim for returning customers and referrals from the satisfied ones.

With hundreds of happy customers, the ride has been quite satisfactory. Come let us extend the benefit to you.

Any day. No appointments.