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Great Rates from the Best Gold Jewelry Buyer in Toronto

While fears are not unfounded, fortune is not everlasting as well. Adversities come along without prior notice and most of the time wrecks you financially. Hence, Canadian Gold buyer introduces a friendly, safe, fast and instant cash payment in exchange of your old, unused, jewelry pieces. We are the leading Gold Jewelry Buyer in the town that guarantees a safe and higher pay than any other jewelry stores or pawn shops in the locality.

Instant Cash? Highest Price? On The Spot?

Too Good To Be True?
Well, it’s true.

With Canadian Gold Buyer you can expect highest liquidity of all your assets that are lying aside unused. Or, deformed or dull flatware which you no longer use. We also buy broken or fragmented piece of your gold jewelry. Gold jewelry in any form is acceptable to us and we pay you the highest rate that’s you deserve.

Do not worry, even if your jewelry’s karat value is little. We accept gold jewelry from 8 karat to 24 karat.

What we Buy

We buy gold jewelry in any form, which includes:

  • Chains/Necklaces/Pendants/Lockets/Charms
  • Rings, Bracelets/Anklets, Ear Rings & Bangles/Bracelets
  • Dental ornaments
  • Tie pins, Brooches, money clips and flatware

We also accept coins, watches and bullions.

When it comes to gold jewelry, we only offer the spot price of the melted gold. Appraisal is done in front of the clients to avoid any miscommunication. Although we are a trusted jewelry buyer, we also let you use your prized possession as collateral for fetching a sizable amount of cash instantly.

So, waste time no more! Start collecting all your gold jewelry, even if it is broken and come to us. We will offer you the best price that you have never found in Canada.

Get in touch with us with your requirements. We will also arrange a free-of-cost evaluation procedure for your convenience.