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How It Works

Did you ever wonder whether it’s worth to sell out your gold or any precious metals in exchange for cash? Are the cash for gold companies you see in the TV and online ads likely to pay you the real worth of the valuables you have sold? Today, when times are too tough and people are keen to bring in more money from whatever source possible, “cash for gold” certainly offers a quick and convenient means to get a few more extra bucks. But, the strong intent to acquire quick and easy cash, often land you up to the dishonest pawn shops. However, with Canadian Gold Buyer, the scenario is completely different.

We are a popular and trusted organization in Canada that offers true worth of your valued possession after effective assessment of the product. We take both the market value and scrap value (commoditized) value of the metal while estimating its value. In addition to that we also focus on determining the karat value. A true appraisal of the trio helps us determining the authentic value of the valuable piece you are selling.

Three-fold Process

As a trusted organization operating in the Canadian market over the past few years, we have always followed the proven methods to appraise the true worth of your precious belongings. Whether, it’s a valuable metal like gold, silver, diamond or any precious antiques, we follow a thorough three-fold process to estimate its value. With us, you not only get to know the true worth of your unused and outdated jewelry, but can also expect the best rates in the market.

  1. Initial Analysis – We do not accept anything right away, no matter how precious it is without analyzing its true worth. The first time you visit our store, we examine your items thoroughly.
  2. Appreciation– At Canadian Gold Buyer, we follow a methodical and industry approved valuation process to appraise the value of the precious metals. We take into account the karat value, markings and date of purchase.
  3. Cash Payment – Since we operate with the principle of “cash for gold”, we always offer a guaranteed payment as soon as the appraisal is done. While offering the right value of your prized possession, we also come up with the best rates in the town. Before quoting the price, we sent your products to our in-house refinery for further processing. Finally, if you agree with our price, we offer you instant cash right there.

Determining the Melt value Scrap Value

Determining the melt /scrap value is extremely important when it comes to offer instant cash in exchange of gold and other valuable metals. Melt value refers to the commoditized value or the retail value, which is normally offered to the clients after estimating its true worth. Let’s take an example- If you own a Rolex, its scrap value will be far less than its retail price. On the other hand, Aunt Mildred’s typically tacky ring , which is now deserted and residing at the bottom of your jewelry box, will have more value when melted down. This is because, gold buyers measure scrap gold in terms of pennyweights. According to the current market price, each pennyweight measures about 1.55 grams and at Canadian Gold Buyer we take the pennyweight of 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k or 24k gold in to account to determine the true worth of your gold.

Since inception, Canadian Gold Buyer strives to offer its customers a true value of their valued possession. Our purchase process is highly focused on the principles of honesty and professionalism and hence we can offer you the best. We bank on expertise and experience to come up with efficient valuations of your precious items.