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Cash for Gold Loan

With a steep rise in the gold price across the world, this metal has soon become a convenient investment alternative to volatile cash and other equity products. For many people, it’s the perfect time to unlock the value of their holdings and borrow a loan in exchange of it. Following this trend, various cash for gold companies have come to the scene. But, this is not only about selling your prized possession in exchange of cash. These companies are also offering loans in exchange of gold or any valued possessions. At Canadian Gold Buyer, we deal with various precious metals apart from just gold.

Getting Loans out of your Valued Possession

The trend of getting loans out of the precious metals is highly in vogue in recent times, At Canadian Gold Buyer, we accept various precious metals, including, gold, silver, diamond in all forms and also rare antiques. We provides best price for the precious metals you sell to us or give us on a mortgage. We accept all your precious assets, including jewelry, coins, watch and billions and give you the best price after estimating its value in our own refinery. If you need a loan and you are perfectly confident about repaying it on time, your precious possessions can be a convenient, quick and easy source of money.

The process itself is extremely streamlined. Since, we deal with authenticity and quality, we focus on estimate the value of our products at our own refinery and come up the best exchange value. However, we do not pay you the full value, but make sure that you get up to 80% of the value. Later, when the loan period is over, you have to start repaying it along with the interests. Once it is cleared, you can take back your valuable possessions from the lender.

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we offer secured loan at the lowest possible interest rates. Get in touch with us today to have a deeper insight.