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A diamond is forever they say, and you are supposed to keep it forever. But what about that piece of jewelry that lies broken in your jewelry box, or that family heirloom that you’d rather not keep? People generally view diamonds as precious items they will keep forever, but despite that rock hard resolution, sometimes you may need to sell diamonds too.

Where should you sell diamonds?

Diamonds come in various sizes, colors and carat weights, with most diamonds being colorless. In fact the more colorless you diamond is, the purer it is. The colour comes from the small impurities that enter the diamond while it is being formed deep inside the earth’s crust. There are many places to sell diamonds – jewelers buy them, and so do diamond buyers. To sell diamonds to the MOST TRUSTED buyer in Toronto, come to Canadian Gold Buyer.

We are the most reputed diamond buyer in Toronto, and it’s not only us who says this. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers in the past years to emerge as a trusted source of cash for diamonds in your city. If you are in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA and need to sell diamonds, we can sweep you off your feet with our matchless customer service and the attractive prices we pay for your diamonds.

Do you know your diamond?

It is not easy to distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. There are different methods of creating real looking diamonds that a layman would never be able to distinguish from the real one.

The two types of fake diamonds:

  • The Cubic Zirconia diamonds are perfect impersonators of the superfluous rocks that are dug out from the depths of the earth.
  • Moissanite is a diamond like rock, and is produced in labs to work as substitute diamonds. But compared to diamonds these are useless.

To avoid being duped by buyers or any other person, it is pertinent to know the true value of your diamonds. The best way to adjudge a diamond is to get it appraised by a professional.

Canadian Gold Buyer offers Assessment Services before you sell diamonds to us. Knowing the true value of your diamonds will enable you to make an informed decision when you are looking for some cash for diamonds.

Being the leading buyers of diamond in Toronto, we offer transparent and reliable assessment services to our clients. We go to great lengths to empower our clients with knowledge – the greatest power of all, so that you know what you are dealing with and how much your diamonds are worth.

Get a better deal when you sell diamonds to us!

Which diamonds do we buy?

We’re glad you asked the question. There are some diamond buyers who only buy selective diamonds and leave out the rest. Some diamond buyers will buy only your precious stones and leave out the piece of jewelry it is set in, some only buy the jewelry and leave out the diamond.

Canadian Gold Buyer is the topmost diamond buyer who buys your precious stones ALONG with your jewelry in gold or platinum, so you don’t lose out on the deal.

We buy all diamonds over .25 carats as long as they are genuine and not man-made.

Do you own a real diamond?

Finding out whether you have a real diamond is easy. While there are professionals to check the quality of your diamond, you can perform these easy and fun tests to find out if it is genuine:

  • Fog test: Fog your diamond by holding it in front of your mouth and by blowing with your mouth open. If the fog clears quickly, you have a keeper. If it doesn’t, you probably have a fake one.
  • Light test: Real diamonds refract light and you should not be able to see through it. Place it on a news paper and try looking through it at the lines and letters. If you can’t see it, your diamond is real. If you can, the diamond is a fake.
  • Imperfection test: Like all beautiful and priceless things in the world, a genuine diamond has its own imperfections. They are called ‘inclusions’. Borrow a jeweler’s loupe to look through your diamond. If you can see specs of colour or minerals, chances are you are dealing with the real thing. If it looks spotless and too perfect, you aren’t.

These are some of the tests you can conduct on your own. To get a professional opinion go to a professional.

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