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Sell Gold and Gold Jewelry. Get Paid INSTANTLY!

Instant Payment? Is that possible? The rates must be low. The processing charges too high.

While your fears are not unfounded, they are far from the reality. Canadian Gold Buyer is one of the oldest and most reputed Gold buyers in all of Toronto, and our hundreds of returning customers will vouch for that.

You can Sell Gold and Gold Jewelry with us, and be assured of the highest payment in the entire city. And the fastest too.

Here’s How We Do It

With so many gold buyers these days wanting to buy you gold these days, Canadian Gold Buyer stands apart from the rest by eliminating all middle men or consignment selling. Come into our shop with your valuables in gold, silver, diamond, platinum and rhodium or any other valuables that you don’t want.

We will buy broken jewelry or scrap gold too.

We will apply the 3 step process of buying your valuables.

  • Bring in the Gold: To evaluate the gold you can bring it in to our shop or we can pick it up from anywhere in the GTA. We can also collect your valuables from anywhere in the GTA if you want absolute privacy in selling gold.
  • Quick assessment: With our state-of-the art technology we assess your gold jewelry and other valuable items. Transparency is a guiding principle of our business and we maintain the same even during evaluation. We evaluate the items in front of you, encouraging you to ask questions. It is to ensure you are well-informed of the quality of the precious item you are putting up for sale.
  • Instant cash for gold: Once the evaluation process is over, we make you an offer for the highest rate on the spot. Since our business is owned and operated privately, we believe in transparency. This fantastic process of cash as-and-when required has helped many of our customers in need.

Sell ALL Gold and Gold jewelry at Canadian Gold Buyer

Being a reputed gold buyer in Toronto, we have a holistic approach towards our clients. Sell gold and gold jewelry in every form, shape, size and weight and get the highest rate from us.

Don’t worry if you have the lowest karat gold. While gold is available in 24 karats, we get many clients who come to us with 8 karat gold jewelry as well. We buy all types of gold and gold jewelry starting from 8 karat to 24 karat.

We only leave out the alloy parts in your jewelry and pay for the amount of gold.

Laugh all the way to the bank

Our exciting gold buying process enables you to get the most out of your jewelry and gold items. Items we buy constitute:

  • Gold coin
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold necklace
  • Gold rings
  • Gold bracelet
  • Gold bangles
  • Gold chains
  • Scrap gold
  • Gold dust
  • and many more

It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s Guaranteed.

Come to us or we will come to you. Either way, our evaluations are quick and transparent, payment fast and easy.

If you want to Sell Gold and gold jewelry, it’s Canadian Gold Buyer for you.