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Canadian Gold Buyer Pays Instant CASH for Silver

That exotic silver flatware can be your best friend when you are running short of money. At least, it can earn you instant CASH. And not just a piece of jewellery, we buy everything right from your silver ornaments to coins, trays, cufflinks, and many more. Your broken and discoloured silver pieces will also turn into cash if you come to us.

Canadian Gold Buyer, a leading silver buyer guarantees instant payment, right on the SPOT after its true appraisal.

Give us a try and come in for a no obligation quote. We will tell you the true value of your silver and if agreed from both sides, we will buy it from you.

What We Buy

Like gold, we also buy silver in any form and conditions. Normally we deal with the following:

Tea sets
Silver dental pieces and more….

Know Your Metal

Before paying you the cash amount for your prized possession, we do perform a quality check to assess the value of your silver. We follow this 3 step-process for intensive checking.

  • 1. Ring test–Real silver produces a ringing sound. Like in case of a coin, flip it in the air or hit on it edges with another real silver coin.
  • 2. Ice Test–Silver has the highest electrical conductivity among all the elements. He. An ice cube placed over a silver bar or a coin will tend to melt immediately and much faster than if placed at room temperature.
  • 3. The Magnet Test–Silver, sterling or not, is not magnetic. Drag a piece of a magnet over your silvery articles, if anything clings to the magnet, then the jewelry is definitely not silver.

We offer guaranteed satisfaction

Canadian Gold Buyer stands for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Which is why, we offer the facility of no obligation quote and do the appraisal in front of the customers. If you are not satisfied with the compensation received for your silver items, you can also take it back along with you.

However we offer competitive rates depending on the current market value. Moreover, we do not appoint a middleman, which allows us to save a huge amount. Hence we can offer you good price than the leading stories in the city.

Buy or Pawn

Apart from buying your silver jewellery, we also allow it to pawn in lieu of money. Many a times, people do not want to sell of their silver assets after knowing its appraisal value. In that case, you can use it as collateral to draw a loan at incredibly low interest rate.

Why Choose Us

It’s because we offer a number of reasons for doing so. Here’s how!

  1. We offer excellent pricing option: Since no middleman is involved we can offer you a significantly higher, nearly 70% of the spot value.
  1. No obligation appraisal: We offer no obligation appraisal, according to which clients do not need to pay any extra amount. Bu knowing the appraisal value helps you take the advantage of our lucrative pricing option.
  1. Variable Loan period with low interest: With us you can enjoy the facility of a variable loan period. You can tailor it as your convenience at very low interest rate.
  1. Unmatched customer service: Our customer service is best of the lot and you can simply trust on us for any kind of assistance regarding the procedure.

We can also come over to your place if you are unable to reach us. For that, you need to mail us the details first and we will get back to you within the shortest possible time. Our representative will visit your place to collect the items and do the all the appraisal work in front of you.

Or, you can simply call us directly. Get in touch with us today for more exciting offers.