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What We Buy

With the growing prices of the precious metals (gold, silver, diamond etc) and economic crises across the world, people are trying out all sources to earn a few more bucks. While the concept of selling out gold for instant cash became popular, a large number of cash for gold companies made their way in the scenario. Canadian Gold Buyer is no different, but, we set us apart from the lot in terms of our philosophy and adherence to honesty.

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we buy everything apart from just gold. We accept silver, diamond and antique items as well. We strive to offer you fair price in exchange of your valued possession. Unlike the random pawnshops, we do the calculations in front of you, thus helping you to figure out the true worth of your possession.

Here’s a sneak peek of the products we buy:

  1. Gold: We accept gold in any forms- jewelry, coins, watch, rings and bullion. Be it in any form, we estimate its value in our own house refinery.
  2. Silver: Silver is also accepted by us in any forms including jewelry, coins, watch, rings and bullion
  3. Diamond: We buy diamond jewelry, coins, watch, rings and also diamond bullions
  4. Antiques: We also deal with your precious antiques and come up with the best rates for the same.