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With our vast knowledge, we’re one of the most reputable diamond buyers operating out of the GTA in Canada. Diamond buying is a highly sophisticated field that requires a great deal of understanding and knowledge.

Security and trust are two of the most paramount factors that play an important role when determining a buyer. Local stores can’t claim to offer a rate that is the best and highest in the market unlike Canadian gold buyer. We have direct access to a dedicated sales channel and our own refinery process that gives us an upper hand against other buyers in the market. As a result, we’re better suited in the market as the largest buyer in the GTA and promise the best price.

Know your metal

  • Diamonds are forever, but not the fake ones. Run these simple tests to determine the authenticity of your valuables.
  • In a real diamond that is mounted, you shall be able to see its bottom when viewed from the top.
  • Breathing test–When you breathe on the surface of a mirror it usually forms a fog, unlike real diamonds which discourages the formation of fog.
  • Real diamonds comes with flaws which is often unseen by its shine. If you come across a perfectly cut stone exhibiting brilliance with a low price tag, chances are its fake.

As a major diamond buyer, we have access to many resources resulting in our economics of scale. We believe in offering the best price to our customers, which turns into repeat business and referrals. Our diamond evaluation process is honest and simple. You’re free to question our experts as to how they assess and reach a particular figure in their evaluation process. We don’t hassle our customers to sell their stones, we know they will sell to us after hearing our price. In case, the customer is unsure of the value of the diamond, we’re more than happy to educate our clients on how diamonds are assessed.