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Cash for Gold

“Does Cash for Gold really work?”

This question might have crossed your mind when you see the random advertisements talking about liquidating gold assets for enhanced security. With gold price on its height across the world, this practice is becoming all the more popular. Following this trend, various earning opportunities using gold have come up, but along with this, increased the number of scams at an equal pace. Quite obviously, trading gold for instant cash has created many questions and concerns about its viability. However, with Canadian Gold Buyer, the situation is completely different as we operate in a way better manner than the random pawn shops.

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we adhere to a simple business approach. Since, we deal with authenticity, we also ensure than you get the true value of your prized possession. We are among the renowned certified buyers of precious metals in Canada. As a result, you are assured that your money is guaranteed. Recent trends in economics put gold higher than any stocks and hence anything made of gold, be it a jewelry or coin or something else has a stellar value. We buy gold in all forms and offer you instant cash. But, before going further with any kind of dealings, we evaluate the true worth of your metal. Once you get the figures and agree, we send you the itemized settlement paperwork without delay.

Trading Gold for Cash

Although the concept of trading gold for cash entails a lot of questions, the practical mechanism followed to liquidate the asset is quite simple. If there is a shortage of liquid cash, you can sell off your ornaments in any jewelry store. You can also use it as collateral to borrow a secured loan. Normally jewelry stores and financial institutions ask for authenticity validation before accepting it. We also operate in the same way and unlike the random pawn shops, our deals are guaranteed. The reason, we buy gold at such a high rates is that it is a liquid asset and can be traded easily.

Our Cash for Gold Deals Offer you the Best Bargain

At Canadian Gold Buyer, we follow a straightforward business policy with a brick–&-mortar approach. Instead of leaving you feel jilted due to delays; we appreciate your time and hence make a spot payment. Since the estimation of the gold is done right in front of the customers, there are no hidden charges. The best part is that we directly deal with the sellers instead of involving a “Middle-Man”, which is also a key reason for such a high rates we offer.

Our cash for gold deals are in line with the market rates. Coupled with that, we have our own refinery, which saves us from selling gold further down the market. Quite obviously we can offer much higher rates than the popular names operating in the same line of business.