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Much similar to gold, silver is also a great metal if you’re looking for to sell for cash. Many types of silver can be sold at attractive rates. At Canadian Gold Buyer, we accept all major types of silver for cash in accordance to the market rates. With our transparent selling process in place, we never hassle our clients and offer the best prices in the market. Canadian Gold Buyer refrain from selling your valuables down in market which allows us to offer the most cash for your valuables. Some of the popular silver items that we buy include:

Tea sets
Silver dental pieces and more….

Know Your Metals

Determining the authenticity of a metal is not easy but it’s also not hard either. Here are a handful of tips to check if your silver is real:

1. Ring test–Real silver produces a ringing sound. Like in case of a coin, flip it in the air or hit on it edges with another real silver coin.

2. Ice Test–Silver has the highest electrical conductivity among all the elements. He. An ice cube placed over a silver bar or a coin will tend to melt immediately and much faster than if placed at room temperature.

3. The Magnet Test–Silver, sterling or not, is not magnetic. Drag a piece of a magnet over your silvery articles, if anything clings to the magnet, then the jewelry is definitely not silver.

In case you’re not sure of the value of your silver jewelry, you can pay us a visit at our location in the GTA where our experts will conduct a Free Assessment. We encourage you to drop in personally as we want to ensure we are dealing directly with a customer who is the owner of the valuables.