What’s the Best Way to Sell Vintage Gold Watches?

When selling your vintage gold watch, you might notice that you’re being offered prices based not on the watch, but on the gold instead. Most buyers see value only in the gold. Only a few buyers know that vintage gold watches are credible and will offer you a higher price.

Selling your gold watches can be tricky. As a seller, you may look beyond the standard offers of cash for gold. Remember, the value of your vintage gold watch depends on several factors including the manufacturer and the purity of the gold.

However, to sell them for good value, you need thorough research. In this blog post, we’ll talk about vintage gold watches, their value and how to sell them for the best prices.

What are Vintage Gold Watches and Their Value?

Vintage gold watches are at least 25 years old. In general, the term vintage refers to an object that’s several decades old and that was popular during a specific era. They can be different types of watches – clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches.

When assessing your gold watch, the expert will evaluate the purity of the gold. Usually, the grades of gold such as 10k, 14k, 18k or 24k are embossed on any part of the gold. The assessor may conduct a metal test to find out the genuineness of the gold.

Horologists or watch experts and collectors, are highly interested in buying vintage and antique watches. They understand the value of your watch and its lineage as a whole, irrespective of its gold casing.

How to Sell Vintage Gold Watches

There are several options when it comes to selling your vintage gold watches.

Sell at Auctions: It’s a great way to get an excellent return on your vintage gold watch. Find auction houses on the event floor that specializes in timepieces. But don’t forget to inquire about the fees structure and commission of the house before making the deal. However, if you’re not offered a good price for your watch, you can move on to next offer.

Sell to a Local Dealer: As horologists and antique collectors look out for vintage and antique timepieces, a local dealer may offer you a higher price than other options depending on the value of your watch. This is because vintage watches are in demand and they know that they can make a profit by selling it to collectors.

Sell Online: It’s a simple and quick service but it doesn’t maximize the value of your watch. Many online services may ask you to send in your watch by post for evaluation. If you opt for such service, make sure that they offer insurance or protection against loss. You can also opt for a peer-to-peer auction service online. Be sure to follow the security advice offered by such services.

Sell to a Pawnbroker: You may consider this option only if you want quick cash. Pawnbrokers will give a loan amount based on the valuation of your vintage gold watch. You can get back your watch once you repay the loan amount along with the specified interest.

Don’t rush! Take your time to assess and check out all options till you get the best offer for your gold watch. If you’re looking for a local cash for gold dealer in Canada that offers great prices, then visit Canadian Gold Buyer at 790 Steeprock Dr. Unit B, North York, Ontario. We are the largest and most trusted buyer of gold and other precious metals in the GTA.

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