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Where to Sell Gold

Selling gold is never an easy task. In fact, it’s daunting. People often say how we should buy gold for future assets, but what about selling gold? Where to go when selling your gold in times of need? Who is going to buy your gold and give you cash in exchange? Canadian gold buyer lists a few places where you can go to sell your gold.

Jewelry shops – One of the most popular places in selling gold is a jewelry shop. Most people think that jewelry shops are the best places that will buy gold as they might offer more money than other gold buyers in the market. Jewelry shops regulate in accordance to the current pricing and thus, but each jewelry shop is different with different pricing.

Routine gold buyers – Routine gold buyers operate both online and at local stores. Canadian gold buyer is one of the most reputed offline gold buyers that operate out of the GTA. With an in-house refinery process, we never sell down your gold further in the market and thus we are able to offer you the very best price for your valuables.

Online gold buyers operates on a “Mail–your– gold” model, where a customer mails their valuables for a quick estimation and the potential buyer sends over a quote. If both parties agree on the quote, the gold is considered sold and they mail you a check for payment. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you choose to sell your valuables with an online buyer.

Pawn–shops – Pawnshops are a very popular option in exchanging gold for cash. Pawn shops take in your gold as collateral and give you the money for your jewelry. Pawn shops differ from jewelry shops and routine buyers in their pay out model, as they buy gold at low prices and resell to their customers at higher prices.

Auction house – Auction houses are offering lucrative rates to lure customers who want to trade their gold for cash. Beside physical auction houses, there are online auction houses for people looking to sell their gold and other valuables. However, it should be considered as a last resort it. It doesn’t consider the fluctuating price of the gold based on the market price and their final prices are always lower.